Toys and baby are inseparable. It’s have a function as a tool to play, with the right toys can make a better development of the baby. Now, fisher price launched the new series of toys, fisher price car. Fisher Price Crawl Around Car was launched with features, which are of 75 + sing along songs, tunes & phrases, Interactive dashboard with sounds, lights and busy activities that can introduces baby to first words, letters, numbers, colors, greetings and more.

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Fisher Price Crawl Around Car Description

Fisher Price Crawl Around Car Features

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Fisher Price Crawl Around Car encouraging baby to crawl and cruise inside and around the car to shape sort, honk the horn, light-up the baby “GPS”, move the windshield wipers and more that helps your little one develop gross motor skills.

With putting words to what’s happening with a toy helps little ones understand the concepts behind language. Try words like over & under, open & close, in & out, up & down.

baby will enjoy busy activities and sing-along songs that introduce learning topics that include letters, numbers, colors, first words and greetings. Baby’s sense of curiosity and discover is enhanced as baby imitates real-life car actions and learns that his actions can make things happen.

Fisher Price Crawl Around Car Main Features

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car  has a lot of features that helps your baby develop gross motor skills. Here are some of them:

Interactive Dashboard

Fisher Price Crawl Around Car Dashboard

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Crawl Around Car has interactive dashboard with a light-up baby “GPS” that offers up a variety of ways to make things happen. Fisher Price Car is a stationary car that can shift into playtime gear with a sturdy. This stationary car that’s just baby’s size, and fully loaded with busy activities inside and out. Turn the key, honk the horn, turn the steering wheel or shift the gear to activate lights, learning phrases and songs.

Built-in ramp for ball play

A built-in ramp encourages baby to move around and experience put-and-take play with three colorful balls.

Sorting Door

Baby can also open and close the door, and move the windshield wiper to learn about weather (sun and rain). Your little on can learn about shapes and colors when he or she puts the included balls and shape blocks in the built-in ball ramp and the sorting door.

75+ sing-along songs, tunes & phrases

The Fisher Price Crawl Around Car have over 75 sung songs, tunes and phrases, and three modes of play, there’s plenty of fuel for learning adventures and fun!

Fisher Price Car Review

Here is one of the honest Crawl Around Car review by Laura B that already purchase this toys for her 3 little ones.

I have 3 little ones aged 8 months (twins) and 2-years-old. I put it together when just the twins were home and they were mesmerized while I put it together. My boy grabbed the closest piece and started playing right away. It didn’t take me too long to get it put together, but the babies did start to get a little anxious as I was trying to screw in pieces.

Once I got it all together, the littles started playing and loved it. They love the shapes and balls (which easily get lost or strewn about the room since they like to swing things around and let them go). They started pushing buttons and the music is so much fun for them.

When my 2-year-old arrived home he immediately noticed the “tiny car” and ran for it to start playing. He gets in and pushes all the buttons and moves the gear shift like a pro. He finally has his own car to drive since mommy & daddy don’t let him drive their cars. We have hardwood floors and this toy easily slides around on it, so he even “drives” it around. I try to keep it on the rug, but it still does move around quite a bit (we don’t have high pile, so maybe with thicker carpet it might stay still more).

My only concern is with my little girl. She is pulling herself to standing, but isn’t steady on her feet. It is a little low for her to easily stand next to without leaning way over (her butt usually sticks out and her feet are far apart). She has to lean so much that she has taken diggers over the side a couple of times. I felt so bad for her when I saw her go face first into the floor and her little legs were sticking up over the side of the car. (I was holding her brother so I couldn’t get to her immediately.) At this stage, there isn’t really much that is safe for a kid since they aren’t steady, but it is just the wrong height for her.

Overall, I see this as being a favorite toy for quite a while for all 3 kids. A long-lasting toy for babies and toddlers.

Where To Buy Fisher Price Crawl Around Car

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